Why was Kia Carnival discontinued In India?

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The Kia Carnival is an amazing car with great functions and features. It combines spaciousness, versatility, comfort, and safety. It provided a smooth, comfortable, and convenient driving experience along with its stylish design and technology. But why was it discontinued in India?

Low demand, production costs, or strategic shifts in its lineup might be the few reasons for its discontinuation. But overall it was a good car with its issues that led to this. In this article, let’s learn more about the Kia Carnival and its discontinuation.

Kia Carnival Specifications

The Kia Carnival specifications vary depending on the model and trim level. Below are the general specifications:

Engine options V6 engine (varies depending on the model year and region)
Transmission Automatic
Seating 7-8 passengers
Features Advanced safety technologies, infotainment systems, multiple USB ports, etc.
Cargo space Generous cargo space
Mileage 17-22 MPG city, 28 MPG highway, 26 MPG combined
Torque Approx. 252-290 lb-ft
Power Approx. 276-290 horsepower


Kia Carnival Dimensions

Its dimensions such as length, width, and height may also vary but the approximate dimensions are-


The Kia Carnival length is approximately 203-205 inches.


Its width is approximately 78-80 inches.


Its height is approximately 69-72 inches.


Its wheelbase is approximately 118-121 inches.

Ground Clearance

The Kia Carnival ground clearance is approximately 6.7-7.5 inches.

Interior and exterior features

The interior and exterior of the Kia Carnival are eye-catching and visually appealing. These features just leave you awestruck.


1) It is spacious, allowing you to enjoy the ride comfortably. It has spacious seating for around 7-8 passengers. But the prestige has a capacity for 9-seater. It allows you to sit comfortably as there is ample legroom and headroom space.

2) Premium materials are used for the cabin, giving it premium finishes. Kia Carnival's high trim levels feature these materials and finishes.

3) It comes with an infotainment system that is a touchscreen display. You can access the navigation, audio controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

4) Drivers and passengers can charge their mobile phones easily and conveniently because there are USB ports all around the cabin.

5) Personalized temperature settings are provided for the driver and front and rear passengers.

6) It comes with a sliding rear door that allows you to enter the car even through tight parking spaces.

7) The drivers can customize the Kia carnival interior seating position for enhanced comfort and clear visibility.

8) It provides flexible seating and you can also fold down the seats if you want extra cargo space.

9) Its panoramic sunroof provides a panoramic view of the sky for the passengers to have a peaceful ride.


1) The exterior of the Carnival has Kia’s signature grille design. It has a unique look because of its modern and outstanding design.

2) The Kia Carnival offers LED headlights and taillights for better visibility.

3) It comes with a sliding door and with the touch of a button you can easily enter and exit the car.

4) It allows you to access the cargo space conveniently so you can load or unload items easily with its power liftgate feature.

5) It is equipped with alloy wheels that come in different sizes from 17-19 inches.

6) Its integrated turn signals allow you to change lanes and take turns easily as this feature in the side mirrors enhances your visibility and safety.

7) You can carry the larger item as its roof rails increase the cargo capability and allow you to attach roof racks.

8) The parking sensors allow the driver to easily park the car or move through the packed parking space. It also gives alerts for you to avoid any obstacles.

9) Even when your hands are full, you can access the cargo space with a simple gesture or key fob you can open it easily which is offered by its hand-free smart power liftgate feature.

Is Kia Carnival family-friendly?

If you are looking for a family-friendly car that is spacious and provides convenient essentials, and safety features, then the Kia Carnival is a good option.


Spacious interior

It is ideal for various family sizes because the cabin is very spacious which allows the passengers to sit and relax comfortably.

Flexible seating

It can accommodate passengers with seating of 7-8 passengers and additional cargo space.

Advanced safety features

It also provides safety to you and your family because it offers many advanced safety features such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, high beam assist, parking assist, traction and stability, and multiple airbags.

Convenience features

Convenience features increase the convenience of the driver and the passengers by providing features like power-sliding doors, power liftgate, automatic climate control, and multiple USB ports.

Entertainment options

This technology advanced car provides an advanced infotainment system that allows to access various entertainment options and driver assistance technology for entertaining and safe journeys.

Comfortable ride

Kia Carnival gives you a comfortable ride that provides the best driving experience for you and your family.


It provides reliability and low maintenance costs which makes the families satisfied and ensures you of its performance.

Why Kia Carnival Was Discontinued?

There is no specific reason why Kia Carnival was discontinued but some of the possible reasons are:

Low demand and sales

One of the reasons for its discontinuation may be that there was low demand and sales. Though well-equipped, it did not achieve the sales in India they might have anticipated.

Competitive markets

There is a lot of competition between many automotive markets and many have loyal customer bases so it may not be able to gain market share in comparison to the established automotive players.

Pricing challenges

They had good pricing in terms of their features and functions but many consumers are often price-sensitive and might have thought that these cars are highly priced. This has led to pricing challenges.

Market trends

Consumers' preferences may have shifted towards SUVs or other vehicles so this might have affected its demand.

Production costs

The Kia Carnival's profitability may have declined because of high production costs.

Regulatory factors

The decision for its discontinuation may have been because of the changes in regulatory requirements.

Supply chain challenge

Another reason might be that the supply chain was deeply affected because of factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic or geographical issues.

Is Kia Carnival coming back in 2024?

But you don’t have to feel disheartened about its discontinuation because it is coming back in 2024. It is a MUV car and will provide various diesel fuel options.

It will also come in different colours including black. Kia Carnival black and other colours will provide an elegant look with a paint finish that will give it a stylish appeal. So, you can choose it according to your preferences.


Kia Carnival is an exemplary car with its stylish and amazing designs. With its advanced features, it gives you a comfortable and convenient ride. It is a family-friendly car because of its convenient, entertaining, and safety features.

This an all-rounder car with its advanced technology and stylish and eye-catching features. It strives to satisfy all the preferences of its customers and provide them with a pleasant driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Why did Kia stop Carnival in India?

Ans Kia stopped Carnival in India because of its exhausted inventory.

Q2 Is Kia Carnival 7 seater?

Ans Yes, Kia Carnival is 7 seater but is also available in eight, and nine-seating configurations with a single diesel powertrain.

Q3 Will Kia launch a new Carnival in India?

Ans Kia Carnival is expected to launch in India in April 2024.


By: Deepali

Fri, Apr 05, 2024

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